The Mission of Westside Wellness

As A Patient Facility

To better understand and facilitate the needs of our patients;

Making sure patients have the most enjoyable and comfortable experiences with medical cannabis;

To respect and honor the laws regarding medical cannabis set forth by the State of Oregon under SB 3460;

To create and maintain an atmosphere in our facility based on professionalism, compassion, security and privacy;

To provide the widest variety and the highest grade medical cannabis for our patients;

To set the standard for quality and service in the medical cannabis industry;

To help keep our local community safe, clean and peaceful;

To help eliminate negative stigmas attached to medical cannabis, dispensaries and patients, with professionalism and service at the top of the industry;

To support local charities, culture and economy;

To create a positive example in both the medical cannabis industry and for other communities working to revise medical marijuana laws.

The laws governing the use of medical marijuana in Oregon drastically changed in 2013 with the passing of Senate Bill 3460. Oregon made patient resource facilities/dispensaries legal and protected by state law.

Westside Wellness is one of over two hundred Patient Resource Facilities located in Oregon.

Westside Wellness prides itself on providing its patients with the highest level of care at our facility. This extends beyond providing the cleanest, highest quality medical cannabis, concentrates and infused products. our highly-trained staff is capable of servicing all types of patients, making their experience both pleasurable and comfortable in a safe, clean environment.

Beyond our dispensary services, Westside Wellness/OMCU stays actively involved in the community.

In order to advocate for patients and raise awareness about medical cannabis and patient resource facility changes in Oregon and Nationwide. Remaining at the forefront of the medical cannabis movement Oregon Medical Cannabis University and Westside Wellness have set the standard for medical cannabis resource facilities in Washington County.

Establishing ourselves in 2009, we are the first and only patient resource facility in our county to date.

Our professional memberships include the National Cannabis Industry Association and partnerships with other professionals striving to make the changes we all need to live naturally, pain and symptom free.